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Namur Lake has a surface area of 17 square miles (10,797 acres), and a moderately irregular shoreline length (including the shoreline of four islands) of 31 miles.    The mean depth is 43 feet while the maximum depth measures about 100 feet.   About three quarters of the lake is deeper than thirty feet while about one half is deeper than 50 feet.  Some anglers have reported finding holes measuring as deep as 150 feet.   The maximum length of the lake, in a northeast-southwest direction is 8.5 miles, and the maximum width is 3.4 miles. 

The alert photographer will have opportunities to capture the abundant wildlife on film.  One of the world's few breeding grounds of the White Pelican is located at Namur Lake.  This endangered species is isolated on a restricted island on the Lake and can be viewed at a safe distance without disturbing the birds.  

For more information on the White Pelican click here.   Namur Lake provides a habitat for more than 75 species of birds.  Other bird life include cormorants, osprey, Canadian jays, bald and golden eagles, woodpeckers, and many more species.  For more information on other bird species native to north-eastern Alberta visit the Federation of Alberta Naturalists.

Woodland Caribou and their habitat are also threatened in Alberta and the Wildlife Act  lists them as an endangered species.  Other wild life native to the Namur Lake habitat include Red Fox, Otters, Fishers,  Beavers, Lynx, Wolves,  Bears and Moose.  For more information on other wildlife and their habitat visit the Sustainable Resource Development website.

We make every effort to preserve the natural heritage of the area through the wise use of our resources.  

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