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FORT McMURRAY, "ALBERTA'S NORTHERN LIGHT”, is the closest land base for many of our guests.  Fort McMurray, a modern city of over 75,000 people, is located in the heart of the massive "Oil Sands" deposits and is home of the Syncrude and Suncor oil production plants.  Fort McMurray is serviced by two scheduled airlines (West Jet, and Air Canada), two bus lines (Greyhound and Red Arrow), and modern highways.  The trip to Fort McMurray from Edmonton by vehicle takes about 4 1/2 hours.

NAMUR AND GARDINER LAKES are located in the Birch Mountains at an altitude of approximately 2,375 feet.  Namur Lake is drained into Gardiner Lakes by the Namur River and from there the water flows into the Athabasca River via the Ells River.  Namur Lake is located at a latitude of approximately 57.25 degrees North.  This is about 75 air miles northwest of Fort McMurray and is inaccessible except by float plane during the summer and by tracked vehicle during the winter.  Longer hours of daylight during June and July allow for more fishing time.  

TO GET TO NAMUR/GARDINER LAKES, guests fly from Fort McMurray on either wheeled or float equipped aircraft (Caravans or Cessna 206's) with experienced commercial pilots.  The trip to the lakes is a pleasant 45 minute flight.  Enroute to the Lodge guests will have an opportunity to view the massive Suncor and Syncrude Oil Sands Plants.  

Namur Lake has a private airstrip for pilots who wish to make their own transportation arrangements.   Use of this grass surface airstrip is weather dependent and limited to certain types of aircraft.  The length of the airstrip is about 1900 feet, runs in an east to west direction and has an elevation of about 2600 feet.  Pilots who wish to use the airstrip are required to phone ahead to check conditions.  (Refer to picture in Photo Gallery)



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