McMurray Aviation

To embark on your journey to Namur Lake Lodge, we have partnered with McMurray Aviation, a trusted local commercial air company. Departing from the Fort McMurray airport, you’ll board their float-equipped aircraft, piloted by experienced professionals, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the flight.

Please note that there is a weight restriction of 65 lbs. per person, with certain exemptions possible. This ensures a balanced and secure transportation for all passengers. The flight to the lodge is a delightful 35-minute experience, allowing you to revel in the aerial vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

As you soar towards Namur Lake Lodge, you’ll be treated to a remarkable sight—the immense Suncor and Syncrude Oil Sands Plants. This unique opportunity provides an insightful glimpse into the region’s industrial developments while showcasing the striking contrast between nature and human innovation.

Prepare for a seamless and captivating journey as you travel to Namur Lake Lodge, where tranquility and natural splendor await your arrival.

McMurray Aviation thrives with experience in the remote wilderness.

Accessing off-the-grid locations where there is no road access. Our typical runways are made out of grass, gravel/sand, ice or water. Whether the flight is to take travellers to fishing/hunting lodges, northern cities or flying groceries and necessities for work camps, a flight with us will be an experience you will never forget.

Our Location

Our base operation is on the north side of the runway of the Fort McMurray Airport. The main terminal is located on the south and is quite the distance to travel by foot. Taxi services can be caught just outside departures of the south terminal to our facility for a $15 fare. Alternatively, you can call our main line (780) 791-2182 and if someone is available we can send our van over to pick you up.

Activities such as horseshoes, cribbage, darts and quiet reading make your stay more enjoyable as you have the chance to relax and unwind in pristine wilderness and tranquility.

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